Richard Deming

Dr. Richard Deming is the medical director of Mercy Cancer Center and also is the founder of the Above + Beyond Cancer nonprofit dedicated to “elevating the lives of those touched by cancer.” That has included literal elevation: Deming embarked on an epic adventure five years ago in which he led 14 cancer survivors to Mount Everest base camp, followed by expeditions to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and to Machu Picchu in Peru. He has worked with thousands of cancer survivors while also logging thousands of miles on his bicycle in such two-wheeled challenges as the Race Across America.

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Des Moines - July 10, 2016

Climb That Hill: Dr. Richard Deming - 'Race Across America'

The cancer doctor and founder of Above + Beyond Cancer talks about the highs and lows of bicycling with a team of cancer survivors in their first Race Across America. What made it into the record books wasn't the most important thing about their grueling coast-to-coast trek.