Pairing the storytelling acumen of journalism with authentic brand experiences, the Storytellers Brand Studio works closely with brands to help them connect with their audiences, boost awareness and revenue, and yes, tell their story.
As our creative arm, Storytellers Brand Studio has seen success working with brands such as the Cancer Support Society, Arizona Lottery, DIAGEO, and Southwest Airlines among others.


At the heart of everything people care about
is a great story.

It was so great to have you at the event. I admire how you are able to take command of the stage and connect with the audience. The storytellers were a great addition to the annual Public Forum and I received favorable comments.

Betsy Fukuda

Regional Director of Marketing & Communications, Abrazo Healthcare

This was an amazing experience with all of you ladies. Leslie, Dana and Jane, your stories were so inspiring, and I truly enjoyed meeting and learning about all of you. Megan, you are such a fantastic moderator. Your enthusiasm for storytelling and your ability to bring out emotion and insight from of all of us is unbelievable. Thank you again for this opportunity. This will definitely help me grow as a physician!

Dr. Payal Shah

Director, Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Holy Name Medical Center

…We thought storytelling could be a valuable new approach to our work of public diplomacy – a way to connect with new audiences on an authentic, emotional level to share information about our “brand.” And we were very happy with the result. They know their craft and the crowd and have an excellent grasp on what to expect – which was important to us as first-timers in this process. It really felt like a partnership.

Dan Pasquini

Canadian Senior Foreign Policy & Diplomacy Service Officer, Consulate General of Canada

So What Can We Do For You?

Live Coaching

Crafted storytelling coaching for executives and professionals.

We know that when people share stories, they feel more connected, and more willing to invest financially and emotionally. So why just tell them a tagline? Our team will coach you to tell meaningful, memorable stories that connect people with the work you do and the principles you hold dear.

Custom Events

Experiential marketing using story to connect.

There’s a time and a place for everything, including telling your story to the right audience. And fortunately, you can make it. Are you ready for your best brand experience?

Branded Content

Story-Driven Branded Content?

Yes, we can do that.

Create great branded content with the power of storytelling. You may not have a fancy camera, but great branded content starts with a real, great story. And you do have one of those.


Feel good stories paired with brands doing good.

Be a part of something bigger. Our series of over 100 shows across the nation bring local communities and local newsrooms together with the power of storytelling. Experience community uplift, and true brand lift, like never before when your business aligns with ours.