02/21/18  •  Ventura

We Didn't Talk About It

Newbury Park Author Wayne Jacobsen shares a tale of how a misunderstanding began and nearly ended a relationship during the Ventura Storytellers Project's night of Love, Romance and Other Disasters.

From the event: Love, Romance and Other Disasters

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About the speaker

Wayne Jacobsen

WAYNE JACOBSEN grew up in California and now travels the world as an author and speaker on the themes of spiritual intimacy and relational community. He has authored a number of bestselling books, including "He Loves Me" "Finding Church" and "A Man Like No Other," and he was a co-author and publisher of the worldwide sensation, "The Shack." For 20 years, he was president of BridgeBuilders, a mediation service for public schools for religious liberty disputes. He is also part of helping build an economy in the North Pokot region of Kenya for 120,000 tribal people whose nomadic life collapsed in a prolonged drought. He resides in Newbury Park with his wife of 43 years.

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