The Arizona Storytellers project started it all in 2011. We believe oral storytelling and journalism are dedicated to the same goals: Serving and reflecting a community while fostering empathy.

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The Arizona Storytellers project team is made up of these great people that make it all possible:

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yle Mitchell, a Navajo storyteller, shares so eloquently a story about his son, his hands and a mission in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. #newveterans #azstorytellers #storytellersproject


"You don't have to believe in yourself. We believe in you, the US Army recruiter told me. So I signed the paper." Mario Avent, new Veterans storytellers #azstorytellers #storytellersproject #newveterans


Ryan Kitchell tells a powerful story about "drinking the right amount of whiskey" to help his PTSD (which didn't work). Hilariously compelling! #azstorytellers #storytellersproject #newveterans


Captivated audience. Amazing storytellers. #azstorytellers #storytellersproject #newveterans


"Bring on the new Veterans!!!" #azstorytellers #storytellersproject


#storytellersproject #azstorytellers #foodandfamily


That pose you strike when your co-emcee is fantabulous!!! @khwang925 #storytellersproject #azstorytellers #craftbeerandcocktails


#Identityandimmigration teller rehearsal for #azstorytellers

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