The Storytellers Project is a series of live storytelling nights. USA TODAY NETWORK newsrooms curate and host nights of true, first-person stories from neighbors and notables.

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What to expect at a live event 

In a nutshell: fun.  

Five to seven diverse community members take the stage, delivering 8-10 minute personal retellings of their life experiences. Each storytelling event has a particular theme which shapes the stories and expectations of the audience. From the ‘Most Embarrassing Moment' to ‘Best Decision I Ever Made', each theme can be tackled literally, metaphorically, comically, tragically, but most important, and without exception – truthfully. 

Audience size ranges from 200-600 people, depending on the venue (and popularity of theme). From hotels and botanical gardens to state fairs and museums, each venue facilitates an intimate and creative space for storytelling.

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"I'll swim as long as I don't have to wear a Speedo." #famouslastwords #growingup #storytellersproject


"I was so happy to be an adult that I didn't see a need to grow up." #growingup #storytellersproject


Joe Finnerty on "Sister Canonball Clara" and other interesting folks he knew growing up. #storytellersproject


We're ready! #storytellersproject #growingup #themeforthenight


Still growing! Tonight, 7:30pm, @ArizonaHeritageCenter #growingup #storytellersproject


#storytellersproject founder @meganfinnerty and @northjerseyevents wants to see you at Women For Women - #whatsyourstory #everywoman, 6pm, May 3, @ The Terrace at Biagio's, Paramus, NJ.


Poised. Timely. Talented. #thisgroup #storytellersproject #GrowingUp, 7pm, 5/2, @arizonahistoricalsociety at Papago Park.


Cheering for @ftbrownies in the audience and on stage! Thanks for giving each story a "sweet ending"! #storytellersproject

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