08/15/16  •  Nashville

When the 'drug demon' took her daughter

Five years ago, Betty Mason first started to notice something was wrong with her young teenage daughter. She lost her joy for performing and athletics. She started lying. She ran away. She found drugs. For Betty - a professional, well-to-do woman from a good part of town - this was what she always hoped to protect her private-school-educated daughter from. Betty has chosen the brave path of sharing her pain in hopes of lessening the pain of others.

From the event: Through Hell and Back: Stories of addiction and recovery

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Betty Mason

Mason and her husband, Bruce, saw their 19-year-old daughter die from a drug overdose in May. The Green Hills couple sent the girl, Katy, to treatment three times over four years to try to get her off the pain pills, heroin and other drugs. After Katy died, Betty Mason decided to share the family’s story as often as she can in hopes of raising awareness about teen addiction.

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