04/25/16  •  Nashville

Getting out and moving up

Neil McCormack was born on his aunt's couch, and he could have lived in his tiny Arkansas town forever - most everyone else there did. But he escaped and created a career for himself in the most unexpected field. Beer.

From the event: PURSUIT OF PASSIONS: Stories of success and setbacks

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Neil McCormack

McCormack graduated with a class of 19 people in the rural town of Altus, Ark., where wine making is an art. He moved to Middle Tennessee in 1998, and began his career in the beverage business with Lipman Brothers in 2001. Now the sales and marketing manager at Yazoo Brewing Company, McCormick's proudest accomplishments include being a board member for the Music City Hot Chicken Festival, starting Nashville's first marching Krewe, having a beer with two previous mayors of Nashville and training for and running a marathon without losing a single pound. Neil continues to live in Middle Tennessse with his partner, Leah, and daughter, Evaline.

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