04/25/16  •  Nashville

A refugee's journey to advocacy

When Civil War broke out in his home country, his family fled. He passed dead bodies on the way to refuge, and for years, the young boy waited for his opportunity to come to America. When the day finally came, it was the happiest moment of his life. He enjoyed his first hamburger on the airplane. He has made a difference here ever since.

From the event: PURSUIT OF PASSIONS: Stories of success and setbacks

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About the speaker

Mohamed-Shukri Hasan

East Africa native Mohamed-Shukri Hassan has been advocating for new Americans in Nashville since he arrived here 10 years ago. It seems more like a calling than a job; Hassan, 29, helps others around the clock. To start, he has a consulting business helping other businesses connect to immigrants and visa versa. Hassan also serves on a number of boards, including the Mayor’s New American Advisory Council, the Nashville International Center for Empowerment and the American Muslim Advisory Council. And Hassan co-owns a restaurant, Som Café and Deli, that serves as a hangout for fellow African immigrants in Nashville.

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