02/08/16  •  Nashville

From addiction to healing and hope

Anika Rogers was born with drugs in her system. She was in foster care starting at 8 years old. Burdened by drug use and prostitution, she spent most of her life searching for acceptance and solace. She found healing and hope through Nashville's Thistle Farms program and its founder, the Rev. Rebecca Stevens. Finally, Nashville felt like home.

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About the speaker

Anika Rogers

After experiencing abuse in six foster homes, Anika Rogers eventually turned to drugs and prostitution to deal with the pain. She found healing and hope through Thistle Farms and its founder, Rev. Becca Stevens. At Thistle Farms, Anika found fellow survivors of trafficking and addiction, and they received treatment, training and jobs.

About the speaker

The Rev. Rebecca Stevens

Becca Stevens is an author, speaker, social entrepreneur, founder and president of Thistle Farms. She has been featured in the New York Times, on ABC World News, NPR, PBS, and was recently named a 2016 CNN Hero. In 2011, the White House named Becca a "Champion of Change." She was featured in the PBS documentary, "A Path Appears," named Humanitarian of the Year by the Small Business Council of America as well as the TJ Martell Foundation, and inducted into the Tennessee Women’s Hall of Fame. She has been conferred honorary doctorates from The University of the South, Sewanee and General Theological Seminary, New York. She lives in Nashville with her husband, Grammy-winning songwriter Marcus Hummon, and their three sons.

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