05/11/17  •  Des Moines

Meaning of motherhood found in a youth shelter

Lizzie was unsure about whether she even wanted to become a biological mom. Then she began working with teenage girls in an emergency shelter – young women who relied on her compassion and guidance. Lizzie began to realize a profound new meaning of motherhood.

From the event: Parenthood

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About the speaker

Lizzie White

Lizzie White is a Behavioral Health Intervention Services counselor for at-risk youth at Youth Emergency Services & Shelter (YESS) of Iowa, where her “kids” are the young women who rely on her leadership. She also has worked as a counselor and speech and drama director. She graduated in 2012 from the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls with a degree in theater. She’s a member of the Des Moines Girl Gang, a collective of women dedicated to empowering each other for personal and professional development. White and her husband, Jonathan Hudspeth, live in West Des Moines.

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