05/11/17  •  Des Moines

Dad, Is Santa Claus real?

Just as he’s ready to enjoy his first sip of morning coffee, Clint’s 10-year-old son asks him whether Santa is a lie – with his 6-year-old brother sitting next to them. Hilarity ensues, as well as a conversation that father and son will remember for the rest of their lives.

From the event: Parenthood

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Clint Curtis

Clint Curtis is an actor, real estate agent and bartender for hire in Des Moines. You might have seen him in the movies “Blade,” “Deep Rising” and “Good Burger.” Or maybe you've been greeted by him at the Vaudeville Mews, the Lift or Noce. He chronicles some of his adventures in his lively blog, “From the Bar." This spring he portrayed a detective in a TV show to air on the History Channel. Curtis lives with his wife, Carole, and their two sons, Liam, 10, and Henry, 6, and their old yellow Labrador, Kaden.

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