02/16/16  •  Des Moines

Why this man loves Spring Break

As a young man, James Stordahl had a question: Where do you go to find happiness? Turns out the answer was Daytona Beach.

From the event: Love and Heartbreak

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James Stordahl

James Stordahl is a school bus driver and retired U.S. postmaster, who has written four books about raising a daughter with bipolar disorder ("Bipolar Dad," "Scatterbrain," "Bits & Pieces" and "Straggler"). He is a Vietnam-era veteran retired from the U.S. military reserves (both Army and Navy) and a recipient of the American Spirit Honor Award. He's also: a local community theatre actor who's appeared in 10 movies, a public speaker, a blogger, a husband, a father, a grandfather and a storyteller

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