10/14/16  •  Des Moines

Keep your eyes – and hearts – open

As a cradle Catholic from the South, Jo Kay Boyle wouldn’t have been open to the opportunity that awaited her in the form of a giant, “entertainment” bus. But staying open to this and other out-of-the-ordinary opportunities is what helped her through the most difficult time of her life.

From the event: Homecoming

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Jo Kay Boyle

Two passions — Southern hospitality and spirituality — provide the perfect blend for this tea aficionado to keep her daily cup overflowing. Losing her husband to ALS, as well as enduring three additional family deaths in recent years, Jo Kay has experienced blessings through the nightmares of grief. An extroverted, recently retired school psychologist, she is currently collecting stories along her journey, which she hopes to be the subject for an upcoming book.

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