06/22/16  •  Des Moines

Mentors make believing in yourself possible

When does acknowledgment of a good effort move from just a nice thing to do to a life-changing event? Rae knows the exact moment it did for her -- and she's determined to make sure it happens for other girls.

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Rae Fehring

Rae Fehring is a grammar nerd, Type A, Virgo-cum-progressive feminist, creative musician who hails from Iowa’s most famous river city, Davenport. For the last 16 years, she has been paid to work as a nonprofit executive — currently as communications director for Planned Parenthood of the Heartland — but someday hopes to become a hundredthousand-aire as a full-time musician. Besides making music with her multiple bands, the Honeybees, Cover Grrls, The Tighten Up and as a solo artist, Rae spends her free time mothering her children and her dog, Dexter (yes, he's named after a fictional sociopath), doing jigsaw puzzles, writing music and running Girls Rock! Des Moines.

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