07/10/16  •  Des Moines

Switching eyes

The co-founder of Iowa rock band the Nadas also is a lifelong photographer. Here Walsmith talks about a fateful day during his first semester of college that helped to change his entire outlook as an artist, and the course of his career.

From the event: Climb That Hill

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About the speaker

Jason Walsmith

Jason Walsmith co-founded his alt-rock-country band the Nadas in 1993 with Mike Butterworth when the two friends still were students at Iowa State University in Ames. He also was an aspiring journalist and photographer, but music prevailed as his primary career. The Nadas steadily grew into a national touring act that has sold more than 200,000 albums to date through its own Authentic Records label. Walsmith also plays plenty of solo gigs, often to roomfuls of Spandex-clad bicyclists along one of Iowa’s popular recreation trails. He still works as a freelance photographer.

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