08/24/17  •  Des Moines

She’s pulling major strings in heaven

EJ Frye had a beautiful, smart, cultured, fun-loving and oh-so-eccentric aunt who changed her life. When tragedy struck, Frye had no idea this aunt would be the person guiding her through.

From the event: Champions and Underdogs

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EJ Frye

EJ (Erin Jay) Frye moved to Iowa from North Carolina to marry her (now) ex-husband from Illinois. She previously taught elementary school art for Des Moines Public Schools and Sayre Montessori School, but now works at Sticks. She enjoys food, books, road trips and her three daughters — most of the time. She used to travel a lot but now she has a mortgage, so she hangs out with her super cool neighbors in Beaverdale.

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