Building on the success of the Storytellers Project in Phoenix, the series expanded to Des Moines in 2015. These nights send a message that everyone has a story worth telling, and that everyone CAN tell it. These nights also send a message to the community that everyone is worth listening to. This is especially important in Des Moines and Iowa where people have pride in their identity and want to share stories that define and reinforce community values.

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The Storytellers Project is made possible in Des Moines by a dedicated crew of employees from across The Des Moines Register and Register Media. We all work together to make sure whether you're a storyteller, guest or listener, that you have a great experience.

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“We know that when we share our stories and feel called to listen, all of us are willing to invest our time, energy, and our resources in our community.” - @meganfinnerty at @srpconnect presents Saving Arizona’s Kids


Getting started for tonight’s night of storytelling with an Education Fair and 15 child welfare agencies, all doing the incredibly important work of caring for Arizona’s most vulnerable. @srpconnect #storytellersproject


Storytellers Brand Studio makes moooves out in the field! #dairygood #Repost @meganfinnerty ・・・ At SwissLane Farms for a fabulous #undeniablydairy #storytellers event. So excited to partner with them at @dairydiscovery and #milkmeansmore @out_inthefield and @chefwelch


So excited for Outdoor Adventures tonight at @dbgphx! • • • • • #livestorytelling #storytellersproject #storytelling #azstorytellers #azstorytellersproject


A historic night on the horizon! #Repost from our founder, @meganfinnerty ・・・ Our #azstorytellers prep for Outdoor Adventures at @dbgphx Thursday. This night will feature at Deaf teller with ASL interpretation and live captioning as we experiment with how to be more inclusive. @thestorytellersproject


Unbelievably excited that the first show from Mississippi @thestorytellersproject is sold out and incredibly proud of these Coaches and Tellers! #Repost @clarionledger Our inaugural Mississippi Storytellers event has #SOLDOUT! #StayTuned for info on our next one coming in November!!


Tonight's show "Here and There - Phoenix" is sold out. #storytellersproject #borderwall #thewall


Episode 4 of our podcast is now on Apple Podcasts (and Google Play, Stitcher)! Listen, swoon, review! 🎙💕Link in bio.

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