08/30/16  •  Coachella Valley

Amy Whelan

She lost her 'safe' corporate job, got evicted and moved home with her parents. Then, she found herself.

From the event: Change and Reinvention

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Amy Whelan

Her earliest memories of the Coachella Valley are getting date shakes, observing the bighorn sheep at the Living Desert and the pink wall at the Annenberg Center. Amy's ties to the desert go back 40 years ago when her grandparents moved here. She is a native of Orange County. She doesn't miss the traffic, freeways and the crowds. Amy likes to spend time with family and friends. She is the youngest of four children. She has five generations in her family. Amy is an avid reader, loves adults coloring books, camping and swimming. She has two rescue dogs: Daisy and Lilly and a few Desert Tortoises. Amy enjoys being outdoors and prefers sand, sun and water.

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