03/21/16  •  Coachella Valley

Nathan Brown

In Nathan's tale of adventure, a change of mind is what lead him to greater adventures.

From the event: 'And there I was': Stories of the surprising places we find ourselves

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Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown grew up in the freezing winters and humid summers of the Midwest, just north of Indianapolis in Indiana. He attended Indiana University and graduated less than two years ago with a degree in journalism, which brought him to the Coachella Valley for his first full-time job covering high school sports for The Desert Sun. When he’s not on the sidelines of a high school athletics contest, Nathan is likely on the hiking trails somewhere in Southern California or sitting on his couch planning his next adventure. He also enjoys playing golf, riding his bike, and training to qualify for the Boston Marathon. He hopes to one day step foot in all 58 national parks, with 13 already crossed off.

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