07/31/18  •  Cincinnati

From Bosnia to Boone County

She became a refugee overnight, it was going to take more time to figure out how to be an American and a refugee at the same time.

From the event: Away We Go

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Mirsada Kadiric

Mirsada Kadiric arrived in the United States in 1998. After a few brief stints living in Ohio, she is back to calling home the state that initially welcomed her to this country, Kentucky. She obtained her bachelor of science in marketing in 2004 and went back to Northern Kentucky University for her master’s in business administration, which she completed in 2009. NKU continues to be near and dear to her heart, and in 2012 she was recognized as NKU’s Outstanding Young Researcher of the Decade (thanks to her mentor, Dr. Levin). She is currently employed at Kao USA, Inc. as a senior manager of market research for the global John Frieda brand. She and her boss have a running joke that they’re helping save the world one shampoo at a time. In her free time, Mirsada loves to explore the world, checking off cities and countries on her long travel wish list. She still makes time to visit Switzerland at least once every year to see her grandmother, who still resides there. Her mother lives within a ten-minute drive from her, and Mirsada couldn’t be happier about that. A good homemade Bosnian meal will brighten any bad day.

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