07/31/18  •  Cincinnati

You've Got to Get Back Down

You can only prepare so much for the what it takes to physically complete the adventure, but there's no manual on how to carry a new perspective back down the mountain.

From the event: Away We Go

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About the speaker

Jennifer Mooney

Jennifer Mooney walks both sides of the aisle, and has worked in government, nonprofit and the private sector. She has managed external communications for both privately-held and publicly traded entities. Ms. Mooney received her undergraduate (BA/Journalism/Geology) degree from Albion College and her MA in Psychology from The Union Institute/Vermont College. She has studied interpersonal and mass communications along with organizational psychology. She is the mother of two daughters, Caroline and Nora and is married to attorney Donald Mooney. She is the daughter of Cincinnati’s Dr. Judith VanGinkel.

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