The Cincinnati Storytellers Project is a quarterly night of storytelling that extends The Enquirer's commitment of telling stories beyond the printed and digital products and into real life.

For each night, we pick a new topic with a carefully curated lineup of storytellers — different people with different experiences but one common theme to unify them. We give them an unfiltered voice.

In listening to their stories, we in the audience are moved — to action, to laughter, to tears. We leave inspired, with deepened connections to our neighbors and sharing in their grace, their laughter and their tears.

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The Storytellers Project is made possible in Cincinnati by the people who tell stories and the people who listen to them.

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We're live! I am an American is streaming live from Des Moines, Iowa. 🇺🇸 Link in bio.


I am an American. Sharing our stories, standing together and staying united have never been more important. Join us Wednesday at Hoyt Sherman Place in Des Moines at 7 p.m. CDT for the fourth in our series of five shows, with @usatoday and @onenation_usatoday, aimed to bring us all closer together. 📷: Carlos Salcedo/Special for The Arizona Republic Link in bio.


Oftentimes, stories will only make sense after we have lived through them.


"It's just small, and one little step and the next, until it's something not-so-small." - Megan Finnerty, Storytellers Project founder in a new @poynter_institute piece. Read more at the link in the bio.


🇺🇸 Catch "I am an American - Cincinnati" in full on @enquirer now! Link in bio. 🇺🇸👏👏


Storytelling is for everyone. If you or a friend or family member need ASL interpretation services, just let us know.


👏 Who's ready to laugh, cry, and celebrate 6 years of The Storytellers Project tonight! 👏 @azcentral


Beautiful venue! #IAmAnAmerican #storytellersproject

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